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Music Video Production


Are you a band or a small record label looking to create an engaging and cost-effective music video? While it may seem as simple as picking up a video camera, producing a high-quality video that captivates your audience requires careful planning and execution. At Electric Head, our experienced crew understands the intricacies of the production process and can guide you from pre-production to distribution, ensuring a successful outcome.

We offer several styles of music videos, streaming and live concert productions to fit your specific needs. And with our expertise in distribution, we can help you reach your target audience effectively. Don’t let the production cost and distribution concerns hold you back from creating a stunning music video. 

To get started you can read more at the links below.
*Performance Only
Scripted Music Videos (MTV Style)
Live concert Streaming and Video Production
* Promotional Press Kit & Online Media

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Highlighted Music Videos

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